2 Days Chimps trek in Budongo Forest Kaniyo-Pabidi, Murchison Falls National Park with primates and lots of birds

Located in Murchison Falls National Park Budongo Forest Reserve is 793 square kilometers of which only 53% is forest and the rest grassland. Budongo Forest boasts of a high biodiversity of 24 species of small animals 9 of which are primates, 465 species of trees and shrubs, 359 species of birds, 289 species of butterflies and 130 species of moths. The forest is renowned for its high number of mahogany trees and chimpanzees. The forest is believed to contain some 600-700 chimpanzees

In Kaniyo Pabidi, six groups have been habituated.  In May, June, July and August visitors have over a 90% chance of seeing the chimps. In February, March, April and September this drops to 70%, and in October, November, December and January, when food is scarcer, chances drop to 50%. For chimp tracking its best to start early around 7.00 am. The guides follow the daily movements of the habituated chimpanzee groups. Three years of recording their movements indicate July, August and September offer a 90% success rate of seeing the chimps. In February , March , April, May and September this decreases to 70 %, and in October, November, December and January when food is scarcer chances drop to 50%. The fluctuating fruiting seasons of the forest trees determine the chimp’s movements. It can take 30 minutes or all day to find them. Only children 7 years and upwards are allowed chimp tracking. Groups are limited to 6 people.


Day 1: Driver to Budongo Forest,

We depart from Kampala  at 7 am and arrive at 11 am  Budongo Eco Lodge  where you check in at either in the dormitory or self contained room for the day.  This is a most delightful area of Murchison Falls National Park.  Budongo Forest is an oasis of tranquility where one can truly feel at one with nature.  This is the oldest Mahogany Tree Forest in East Africa - and steps have been taken to preserve this most wonderful forest with its tall and majestic trees.  The Forest has been under constant threat by loggers out to make a few shillings instead of looking to the future and preserving this magnificent forest for future generations.  Budongo Forest will seem like an oasis to you, the quiet being broken by the sounds of birds, primates nearby - very different from a forest in North America or Europe.  Certainly a place to come and spend a couple of days in peace with creation.

Get settled into your quarters and have lunch at the Budongo Eco Lodge included in the safari price:  After lunch take a guided forest walk and discover the beauty of this awesome place yourself.

  • Guided Forest Walk of 1 1/2 hours in length can easily be done.
  • 3 hour guided Birding Adventure
  • Guided Forest Walk 3 to 4 hours in length

Dinner at Budongo Eco Lodge - sit on the porch of your lodging and take in the evening in this lovely part of Uganda in the midst of the Budongo Forest.

 Day 2:Chimpanzee tracking in budongo.

Breakfast in budongo forest and eco lodge a three to four hour small group experience visiting some of the habituated Chimpanzees of Budongo Forest- spending an hour with them and observing them.  Each day, chimpanzees like gorillas move to another location for the night building new  nests for that day. Budongo Forest is a project of both the Jane Goodall Institute and Uganda Wildlife Authority. Enjoy your time with the chimpanzees.

Lunch at Budongo Eco Lodge.

Depart for Kampala and return in the late afternoon.

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