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Gorilla Safaris Uganda is a full service Tours and Travel agency registered under the ministry of trade and tourism in Uganda,to provide expert travel advice for business and leisure travellers.
We provide luxury, moderate, and budget mountain gorilla trekking tours and other wildlife safari activities in Africa mainly Uganda and Rwanda, we also offer car hire and rental services in Uganda, hotel bookings in & outside Kampala.we also take care of your mountain gorillas/chimpanzee permit booking, bird watching safaris, cultural packages, honey moon trips, water rafting adventures,sport fishing and others.
Apart from gorillas,chimpanzee tracking adventures and wildlife safaris activities we organise volunteering  opportunities to different communities in Uganda, we also take care of disadvantaged children,for the details kindly follow the link
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 Gorilla Safaris Uganda

Gorilla express -3 days @ $ 1240

Enjoy the beauty & freshness of mountain gorillas at bwindi forests and virunga ranges.

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5 days Gorilla and Chimps trekking

Gorilla and Chimps Tour overlooking Nyabikere Crater Lake.

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Gorilla permits @$600 Bwindi & $1500 in Rwanda

Gorilla permits for Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga National Park.

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Lake Mburo N.Park -3 days $383

Lake Mburo lies in the rain shadow between lake Victoria and Rwenzori mountains

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Murchison Falls N.Park-2 days @$625 based on 2p'ple

Uganda's largest N.Park with a chunk of untamed savannah and wildlife.

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Q. Elizabeth N. P 3 days @ $ 956

A stunning panoramic view of Lakes George kissing Edward and the game field plains.

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1 day: Trip To Jinja Uganda

Jinja is the place to be With activities like white water rafting, bungee jumping etc

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Car hire rates @ $85(4x4)p/day

The best car rentals and hire rates for Town and Upcountry destinations

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Chimpanzee Trekking-3 days $ 969

Chimps treks include colobus monkeys, blue monkeys, baboons

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Tour of Uganda

Uganda is boarded by Kenya in the east, Tanzania and Rwanda in the south, Zaire in the west and Sudan in the North, it covers 236,040 sq km in size, smaller than Kenya, but bigger than Rwanda and Burundi combined. Uganda is a landlocked country. The terrain is mostly plateau with a rim of mountains.
With its highest point is Margherita Peak on Mount Stanley which stands at 5,110 m at Mt Rwenzori National Park. Uganda's lowest point is Lake Albert at 621 m. The climate is tropical; generally rainy with two dry seasons-December-February, June-August.
The northeast of Uganda is semi-arid and therefore drier. The country is generally very fertile with many lakes and rivers.

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You require a gorilla permit to trek Uganda gorillas.

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Uganda is Africa condensed, with the best of everything the continent has to offer packed into one small but stunning destination. Uganda, famously known as "The Pearl of Africa”. One of the top African safari destinations with the most thrilling unique attractions that are not yet discovered by mass tourists. A country with astonishing beauty with rolling hills, sparkling crate lakes, a variety of wildlife and indeed with half of the world’s remaining endangered Mountain Gorillas. The Mountains of the Moon in the Rwenzori National Park. It is the source of the mighty Nile and around Jinja offers the best white-water rafting in the world. It has the highest concentration of primates on earth, including the few remaining endangered famous mountain gorillas, one of the rarest animals on the planet. Visit to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park for a chance to get close to these great apes.

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